Hello Everyone! Welcome to this blog dedicated to something loved and appreciated by people of all ages, Games!

My name’s Henry Masih, living somewhere in partsĀ  of this World(shush..don’t tell anyone i’m in a bunker).From childhood i’ve been fascinated with games, i remember playing those cassette pixel games which my parents gifted me on my 8th birthday. I would spend most of my holidays sitting in front of my TV and playing games, as i grow older and even at my current age i haven’t lost my love for games which further pushed me to write on such a vast and innovative concept!

I am pursuing Digital Marketing which has given me an opportunity to pour my heart in this blog and further explore information revolving around games and tech. This blog will have information on games, the leaks of upcoming games, reviews, announcements,etc etc.So, stay tuned for more!

Thank you for taking the time to read so far and i implore and hope forĀ  you to further go through my blogs and have a good time reading it!!

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